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Saturday, November 23, 2013

House sitting again

Seems to give me opportunity for reflection, a spot of house sitting. Nice to have space to myself to think.
Feel so busy. Work is a whirlwind, home on the farm is always phones ringing, people in and out and then there's all the work with the horses.

Speaking of which, my little pony - he's not big, but he manages to act like a big, bolshy stallion. I was lunging him this afternoon, had to do it for almost an hour, as he was full of it. We finally finished, I was struggling with the gate, as my wellies had got stuck in the mood and he sank his teeth into the top of my riding hat and yanked it backwards and forwards very roughly. It really hurt, as I had my chin strap done up tight.

Went hunting for the first time in 12 years the other work. Survived. Just don't feel that fit or that capable but surprised myself. My pony jumped a horrible jump that I wouldn't have expected him to. It was one of those situations where you're stuck in a line and it's easier to jump than extract yourself and back track.

In other news: enjoying eating shite and watching 'Barefoot Contessa' and looking forward to a spot of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.
It's getting icy cold. Just took the dog for a walk down the field, as the sun was setting, casting such a golden glow over the village. Soon be winter and Christmas.

Work is good. Find it fascinating, work with people with learning disabilities and an ongoing question is what is best for them? They all have a busy timetable during the week and the opportunity to be in a craft workshop, the weavery, garden or cafe. Some people think they need to be productive, others see it as therapy. I'm torn, being a Yorkshire gal, I'm all for productivity, but you can't make people work and much of the time, community members either don't want to, can't be bothered, or are distracted.

My colleagues are great, so good to enjoy going to work, to like having a natter and a catch up and to feel like an equal instead of a subordinate, as I did to my previous Marylebone boss. Doing an NVQ in social care soon.

Dating: Put myself on Guardian soulmates as well as match. Live in hope.

Had a few glorious days in Bologna in September. Loved wandering around the streets, exploring, getting lost, finding the best gelatateria - La Torinese, going to art galleries, sipping gin and tonics in Piazza Maggiore, in the afternoon sun, reading book after book. Espresso and nutella croissant for breakfast. Love their little thing of if you order a glass of red wine in a bar, they bring out all these little snacks; crisps, tortilla, olives, even a small dish of delicious fusilli one time. So refreshing just to get away like that.

Had a Saturday in London, catching up with my Australian friend, lunch in Hampstead, walks, a pub, dinner, then the cinema, an Italian film, The Grand Beauty, I think it was called.

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