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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday at home

A rare Sunday off, although I left work at nine this morning.

Didn't get much sleep last night, so today I'm staying close to the sofa, reading and watching dvds.
Haven't got much chance to do that recently, have been taking advantage of these lighter nights, running, riding my bike or my horse.

It's a cool, grey, wet windy day, so I don't have to feel guilty and it's nice to have chance to catch up.

Great to have a horse again.
Have got a five year old skewbald gelding. He's only 14hh, which actually is an ideal height for me, as I don't really even reach the 5 foot mark, if I'm totally honest!
We got him as a yearling, from the horse sales to be a companion to one of the thoroughbreds.
Tried to sell him, when the thoroughbred no longer required him as a friend, but the market's not good, apparently.
Thought he was too small for me, wanted something around 15hh.
Started riding him and really like him, he feels exactly right.
Love his enthusiasm, every time we go out on a hack, he really steps out, ears pricked, forward going, whereas some horses are reluctant to leave the yard.
Good to have a project, to get him going, jumping, ready for the upcoming hunting season.
All very absorbing and time consuming.

Had a London friend up to stay the other week. Perfect sunshine.
Every day was packing a picnic, the map and getting in the car to drive to some local place of interest, a historic house or the seaside.
Interesting company, gins and tonics outside, took him round the farms, he had a go on my horse and went on a plane ride with bro in law.
He was a good guest and seemed to appreciate all the running around.

'Met' someone on Match.com, who I'm in the process of arranging to meet for a first date in York.
He does seem really nice, although of course, you should just really suspend judgement until you actually meet them.
I have gotten terribly slow at returning his emails and texts.
Life is kind of nice how it is and I suppose I am reluctant to allow a man to mess it up, although it could be fun to meet someone. In theory!

My main fear is that in spite of boot camp, riding, even started running, I am no thinner.
Weight just does not come off.
Did one day of the 5:2 diet last week and that gives me hope, if I do that, because I actually managed to be a stone lighter at one point in 2012 doing that.

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