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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coming up to one of my favourite times of the year.
Love that lazy week between Christmas and New Year, looking forwards, to long cold walks, roaring fires, alcohol at all sorts of inappropriate times, too much food, films, relatives and not being at work.

Have got a week off starting Sunday, my aunt, uncle and cousin arrive from Melton Mowbray and we all go out to dinner that evening to a local pub. It kicks off Christmas and heralds the point where you can stop doing and start enjoying.

Have been organised, all presents wrapped, baked - brownies, cookies, quiches, Delia's veggie sos rolls, made orange ice cream this morning. House is cleaned, spare beds made up, had my hair cut and the tree is up. Can't help that siege mentality. It's that idea of stopping the world, normal life for a while and holing up.

And then you get so sick of it, being so lazy and greedy, you're ready for January and a new life.

Seeing R tomorrow night for drinks and supper. He wanted to see me before Christmas. My heart is sinking a little at the thought of it. I hate myself for being so mean spirited, but I just find him a little tedious and annoying.

Have been enjoying watching 'Last Tango in Halifax', a drama on BBC 1. Very funny. Last episode was last night. Looking forward to watching Downton Abbey on Christmas Day.

Really enjoying my job, had a review yesterday. It's probably one of the most fun jobs I've had. The hours are great. I left at 3.30pm yesterday and don't start until 2pm today, so I get lots of time to do other stuff and lie ins, on cold, wet, windy mornings.

Horrified by the shootings in the USA. Always seems extra awful when anything bad happens at this time of the year. Saw a statistic, where something like 90,000 people in the US were killed by guns in a year and in the UK it was 39. Says it all really.


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Dee said...

I wish I had been as organized as you before the holidays. Happy New Year to you.