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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Rather nice to have been off work yesterday and today, curling up, keeping warm, sipping a huge glass of red wine and watching the incessant drizzle outside.

Popped into town both days, for the incomparable flat white at this rather scruffy coffee shop. It's so good.

Bought a warm, cheerful looking hat and scarf, a pair of gloves and a sort of brown poncho.

Reckon it's going to be a cold winter.

Love house sitting, for my friend's parents. Big, spacious house, vast well stocked kitchen. The sitting room is a lovely room, so much light and it's so peaceful, overlooking the Yorkshire Wolds. The cat is a black and white fluffball, very affectionate, furry and friendly.
The bed linen is flannel, so soft, so cosy. Been watching the Food Network, in particular, Nigella Express & The Barefoot Contessa. Watching a Channel 5 whodunnit - 'Concrete Canyons' at 3.15pm.

Couldn't be bothered to go to a bonfire last night at my sister's and her husbands. Don't like loud bangs anyway. Better to keep the sofa company. It would miss me.

Stocked up on a supply of magazines, crisps, Ben & Jerry's, chocolate and wine. I don't usually get a chance to hole up like this anymore, as I don't live alone.
A little depressed. A, of course didn't turn up, didn't come. Didn't even say: 'Sorry, I can't come'.
Bored of it all.

Asked R if he fancied seeing 'Skyfall' and he said: 'Of course I flaming well do, even though I'm not really a James Bond fan'.
Hard to reconcile; R who so wants to be with me and A, who so doesn't.
Cannot get my head around being with R, even though he's super keen. I've had boyfriends who I don't really fancy before, and it's just not worth it, 'just to be with someone'.
Put myself on Match.com. Feel about as desirable as a hedgehog to a balloon.
Will try and snap out of it from tomorrow.

Hoping Obama wins the election. Romney seems a little bit too far to the right.
Emailed a girl I met in NYC in 2011 to see if she was ok after Hurricaine Sandy and she said she'd been off work, the schools were shut. One block to the right of her was the East River and torn up trees.

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