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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Have given myself the challenge of going without sugar for five days.
I can't cut it out completely. Banning white sugar and white flour would be a great healthy thing to do, but I don't think I could enjoy life quite as much without a cupcake, slice of cake or pizza.

Reducing my intake is another thing and something that I can work on.
I don't think I eat a lot of sweet stuff, but I do without really realising it.
It's my mindset that needs changing. I always think it's ok to have something I really want.

My old London flatmate, an Austrian girl from Vienna who now lives in Boston (I envy her international lifestyle!), eats beautifully. She has always been one of the most enthusiastic foodies I have known. Always up for going out to eat, for dinner, afternoon tea. She loves cakes and chocolates.
But she eats very slowly and only smallish portions. If I start I can't always stop, but she does have that function. I have never seen her stuff her face.

So how is my limited sugar challenge going? (I know there's still going to be sugar in some foods I eat, just trying not to eat added sugar).

I managed a sugar free Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, I made fruit scones. It was a new recipe from Skye Gygnell and I just had to see what they were like! I have entered the produce classes in our local show next week - which means I am making Chocolate Cake, Victoria Sandwich Cake, 4 Canapes, Rum Truffles and more.

I had promised myself that I could have something sweet on Saturday, after five days of no sugar, but now I've had the scones, I will try to keep Saturday a sugar free day.


Small Town Girl said...

How is it going babycakes ?
Read a few of your writeups and feel so weird ! It is like you are a replica of me when it comes to relationships! It is unimaginable !
Oh ! Pls keep writing !! Its reviving me...

eggy said...

you need will power